My secret is out

Keegan: Mom, what are you doing?


Me: Coloring my hair.


Keegan: You mean you’re coloring your hair a different color?!?


Me: No silly, I’m just covering the grey.


Keegan:  YOU have grey hair?!?


Me: Just a little.


Keegan: I cannot believe you have been tricking me!  All this time I thought you were young!  How old are you?  Like 72?!?

“My mom is just that way”

Me- Gage! Please don’t put your soccer cleats on the table!

Gage (Keegan’s sleepover buddy) where should I put them?

Me- How about on the floor?

Keegan- Yeah, my mom is just that way. Yesterday I brought in one of the turkey chicks that died and was going to set it on the counter and she FREAKED out!

Yeah, I’m just that way.