What makes me cry?

All week I have been asking for rooms to be cleaned.  Ok, granted our schedule has been busy as usual, but just a little effort please?  This is what greeted me when I finally inspected my son’s bedroom this morning.  Yes, my fault for not getting there sooner.  But really?  Notice the red blanket.  Under the red blanket is more crap.  Hmmmmm, I use to do something like this with my veggies at the bottom of my milk glass.  Well, the suburban is already packed with a load I will drop at our local family services on my way to work.  I guess I could pack a few more bags.Image 

When will I learn?

Dear Children,

Next year when mommy gets on her high horse about making your own costume and being creative like we did “back in the day” please remind me how well that went this year as you hand me my keys for a lift to Party City. 

Sincerely your hot glue burned, pin-poked hypocrite mother ♥