When will I learn?

Dear Children,

Next year when mommy gets on her high horse about making your own costume and being creative like we did “back in the day” please remind me how well that went this year as you hand me my keys for a lift to Party City. 

Sincerely your hot glue burned, pin-poked hypocrite mother ♥

Keeping Up Appearances

We are no different than any other American family.  We are two working parents, three kids involved in multiple activities, two dogs, a cat, a hedge hog, two donkeys,  lots of chickens…ok, maybe we are a little different than any other American family.


My husband and I do well at our jobs, are kids are well-mannered and well-behaved and for the most part, we manage to keep up the appearance of having it all together.  The truth is…we are like every other American family.  We live in controlled chaos.  We step over clutter, we forget homework assignments, we run late, we forget appointments, we yell at each other and yes, I will admit it, I’ve been known to swear and pop a bottle of wine. BUT, in all that frenzied mess, we live, we laugh, we love and we learn.

* Disclaimer!  The rantings and rattlings on in this blog are from my perspective; therefore you may find them biased by female/mother opinions and views.  I am not always right, but I am always honest, convicted and candid.  Enjoy at your own risk.


Welcome to the Frenzied 5

Meet the Frenzied 5

Meet the Frenzied 5

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Well perhaps an airbrushed picture tells a thousand fibs. We are 5 people who live in a tight knit family. We have a good time and have each other’s back. But it isn’t always so picture perfect. But I’ll only tell if you do!